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One Of The Premier Recording Studios In Philadelphia

One Of Philadelphia's Premier Recording Studios

Recording Independents From The Very Beginning

From Tracking To Editing, Mixing to Mastering, our Philadelphia Recording Studio as Been Capturing And Polishing 'The Sound Of Independence' For Nearly Two Decades.

LDB's multi-room studio facilities are able to accommodate a diverse range of studio projects. Our professional Audio Engineers are experienced in Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Punk, Gospel, Reggae, Alternative, and numerous other musical styles. (Click HERE to learn how to book a session at our recording studio)

As one of the premier recordings studios in Philadelphia, our mission is to offer our clients a comfortable, private, safe, professional, and highly creative atmosphere in which to record their musical projects. When you're ready to take your music, and sound, to the next level, Lil' Drummaboy Recordings has the expertise, facilities and technologies to meet and exceed your sonic expectations. (Click HERE to listen to a small sampling of our work)

There are many recording options in Philadelphia. There are numerous home and project studios, and a plethora of commercial recording studios. So, why choose Lil' Drummaboy Recordings?

Value & Quality

At $50/hr, LDB offers similar and, in some cases, even higher quality than studios that charge $60, $70, $80, or more, per hour. We also offer a block rate of 10 hours for $350. This is ideal for clients who are working on EPs, mixtapes, albums, audio books, etc.

Mixing & Mastering Engineers

Post production matters. Your projects deserve to be mixed and mastered by professionals. And, at LDB, you get the best of both worlds. Excellent recording facilities, radio-ready mixes, and industry quality mastering.

Convenient Online Booking Calendar

Your project matters. And, and the time it takes to actually set up a recording session is important. LDB offers a convenient online booking calendar. This way you are able to see our availability, and book and pay for your session with a few mouse clicks.

We Care About Your Project

Let's face it. Some studios and audio engineers do not treat all of their clients the same. If you're not "a big name", then you are treated like a second class citizen. Not at LDB. We value our client relationships, and treat everyone like their project matters. Because, it does.

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$50/hr (10 hours for $350)

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10-Hour Block

Client Testimonials:

"I moved to Philly about 2 years ago. Been bouncing from studio to studio. I Just did work at Lil Drummaboy Recording's Studio and in my opinion it's the best bang for my buck. It's highly professional with a great atmosphere and most importantly: a very affordable price. I plan on doing my vocals here on this project and the next!" - Matt Bar

"Samori mixed a heavily orchestrated song I composed on Garage Band for me. He brought to bear great patience and musical and technical expertise. It was a pleasure working with him. He was very flexible artistically and from a business perspective in terms of how best to approach the project. He added great value especially for the money, which of course was critical for me." - Ed Mazurek