Samori Coles - Founder Of LDB10.COMLDB10.COM (formerly Lil' Drummaboy Recordings) is a full service recording studio and music production company located on historic, and culturally artful, South Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1996 as an independent record label, the company has prided itself in teaching a new generation of technologically saavy music producers and audio engineers out of its studio facilities. LDB10.COM has nurtured and guided hundreds of students of all ages and backgrounds, and has also partnered with numerous non-profit organizations, schools, libraries and community centers to deliver its innovative brand of music and audio education.

As an independent music company, LDB10.COM has developed a fully in-house system of music and media operations. From music composition and production; to recording, editing, mixing and mastering; to CD duplication and global digital distribution; to graphics and video, the company has practiced and taught self-sufficiency and independence since its inception. Founded by musician, producer, audio engineer, and educator Samori Coles, the aim of LDB10.COM is to empower the multitudes of independent artists, musicians, producers, engineers and music executives throughout the globe.

LDB10.COM's affordable and world-class client offerings include Project Recording Studio, Recording and Production Classes, CD Duplication, Music Production and Song Licensing, and Media and Film Services. Independence is about passionate individuals and organizations making smart investments in themselves. LDB10.COM is a one-of-a-kind solution for those Independents who truly believe in themselves, and are willing to invest in their own futures.

LDB10.COM is the Spirit Of Indepedence!

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings | 818 South Street, Ste. B | Philadelphia, PA 19147 | Tel: (215) 574-1400