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LDB's Audio Engineering Schools and Music Production Programs have been TRAINING And Developing students of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds for more than a DECADE. Both courses are 6-month, certificate-based programs that meet once per week. They are the most Affordable and Effective audio and production classes in the Country.

The Audio Recording School Curriculum Includes:

  The Fundamentals Of Sound & Room Acoustics
Understanding the physics of sound and acoustics can take an audio engineer a long way. Audio Engineering is a craft, science and art. Those that have knowledge in all of these aspects typically have the most longevity in the field of audio. Prior to recording anything, understanding the acoustics of your room(s) and having the proper monitoring sources will lead to better quality recordings.

  The Mixing Board
The Mixing Console is probably, single-handedly, that one piece of studio equipment that initially attracts most to the field of Audio Engineering. All of the knobs, buttons and faders look like astronaut controls to the novice. However, the Mixing Board is merely a sound router and merger. And, it's not so difficult to understand as you might think.

  Microphones & Mic Placement Techniques
There are different types of Microphones. Some types are more ideal for instruments, while others are often used on vocals. In LDB's Audio Recording School, students learn the difference between microphone types, and various placement techniques for effectively capturing instruments and vocals.

  Audio Recording Software
Today's recordings are primarily done using computers and audio software. Particularly in home and project studios. Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton Live, Studio One, Reaper and Reason are but a few of the options available to record high-quality recording projects. The best part about it is that once you understand one software program, it's not that difficult to understand others.

  Editing, Mixing & Mastering
Recording is just one phase of a music project. Equally as important is post production. Effective editing, mixing & mastering can be the difference between a demo-quality or record-quality project. Learning to listen, utilize effects (i.e. reverb, delay, chorus, etc.), EQ, compress, buss and employ other skills of the audio trade are a priceless aspect of LDB's Audio Recording School.

The Music Production Program Curriculum Includes:

  Music Theory & Basic Keyboard
Learning the basics of Music Theory and how to play the keyboard can help a music producer create the soundtrack that he/she hears in his/her head. Not only that, knowing chords, scales and the essentials of rhythm truly expand the musical possibilities for a producer. Whether it's R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, House, Singer-Songwriter, or any other musical genre, the foundation is the MUSIC itself. Music Theory and Keyboard help to access that foundation.

  Music Production Software
Much of today's music is produced digitally using computers and software. The software programs available to music producers are abundant, and even include mobile-based options. Hit records are produced using Reason, FL Studio, Logic, Ableton Live, Maschine, Komplete, and a plethora of other digital programs. Learn to use one, and using the others isn't that difficult.

  Genre Exploration
Have you ever really listened to, and dissected, your favorite type of music? Have you explored genres that you don't regularly listen to? Well, doing so can open up the vast world of music in a way that you might not have anticipated. It could be transformative. In LDB's Music Production Program you will get to intimately know and understand the type of music that you want to create. You will also have the opportunity to sample other musical styles.

  Composition & Arrangement
Arrangement is how a song is how a song is structured. There are verses, choruses, pre-choruses, bridges, etc. How these different parts of a song are organized impact the mood and feel of a tune. Composition is the process of creating new music. Through study, practice and repetition, the music creation process becomes more thoughtful and organized.

  Original Music Production
The majority of LDB's Music Production students want to create their own original music. That is typically the goal. And, that is what we will deliver. Through numerous exercises, projects, activities and lessons, you will produce your own music. And, it will get better and better throughout the course of the program.

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