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About LDB

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings - South Street SignLil' Drummaboy Recordings was founded nearly two decades ago as a company dedicated to nourishing, producing, recording and exposing the music of Independent artists, bands and musicians. What started as an Independent record label, well before being "independent" was the thing to be, has developed into a Full-Service Recording Studio and Audio Recording/Music Production School that remains committed to providing high quality sound recordings and sonic education to a growing number of home-based, self-sufficient artists, bands, musicians and entrepreneurs. We are a Pro-Tools based recording company with studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware.

Samori Coles - Founder of Lil' Drummaboy RecordingsMy name is Samori Coles. In 1997, after 4 years of business school, an upwardly mobile career as a financial analyst, and an acceptance letter to The Wharton Business School, I decided that my true calling was in the music business. More specifically, producing, recording and performing my own, original music, as well as the music of the other inspired artists and musicians with whom I made music with at the time. So, one day, I boarded a Greyhound bus and left my hometown (Omaha, Nebraska) en route to the East Coast. However, the journey was not to The Wharton School, it was to pursue my dreams.

The journey of Independent artists, bands and musicians is a shared journey. The struggle of the 9 to 5 employee who dreams of a career in music is a shared struggle. And, Lil' Drummaboy Recordings has developed into a company that provides the quality, resources and guidance to assist Independents in pursuit of their musical and entrepreneurial goals.

Samori Jr. and Zion - The Coles BoysI am not only the founder of LDB, I am a husband and father.  My children, Samori Jr. and Zion, play a large role in shaping my focus and commitment.  They are a joy. And, my parenthood helps me understand others who have a desire to nurture their passion for music while fulfilling their primary, and most important, responsibilities. In these cases, proper planning, discipline and team building are key. It is important to partner with a company that will offer world class quality and support, at affordable rates. LDB is that partner.

Uva Coles - 1st Lady Of LDB

My wife, Uva, has been a motivator in more ways than one. And, pursuing a career in music can be filled with challenges and less than tangible achievements. Her commitment and support has been a blessing, and extremely important to the growth and development of LDB. When planning, resources and tangible results produce accomplishment, our life partners begin to see the vision. LDB's high-quality recording services, comprehensive educational programming, and artist-driven services will provide you with the sound and the tools to make your vision clearer.

LDB welcomes the opportunity to partner with you and help you in the pursuit of your musical goals. Let us know if we can be of assistance.